Google I/O 2018.. Next is awesome & predictable..

OK. Time to hail Google.

This 23 minutes & 14 minutes Google I/O coverage by CNet & The Verge is just on point about what’s coming next. See where Android is heading!!

2018 Google I/O just proved that; in terms of smartphone computing software & self driving technology, Google is just 2 generations ahead of Apple & Microsoft.

& Yeah, snapchat still works the best with iOS.


A nice conversation..

I can’t write a blog definitely. I just mention the good & bad situations, i usually come across. (Stolen from my Instagram stories).

Kudos BuzzFeed India..

Thanks for bringing this thing to light.

Not the best schooling system. But, i too studied something different as explained here. Proud of my origin. This person Winston Churchill is an exaggerated war hero in west & UK people’s eyes.

This video vividly explains the right picture of that asshole. Hate will not heal, not a SORRY. People must understand the facts about certain things. Glorifying such morons in Hollywood movies is definitely a crime in itself again.

A real life brave heart..

The world seems a much better place when i read such stories in news. Everyone must admire this young guy’s spirit towards his studies & life. What more do you need to get inspired? This kid’s happy face & optimism is just amazing. Kudos to you little brother, let the almighty bless you a ton more every next moment.

Read the entire article here:

Optimum Nutrition Fish oil.. 300MG..

You must add a Omega-3 fish oil to your diet or supplement. It’s a must for all homosepians for good skin/hair/heart/good fat for your body.

Yeah. It’s business. & If not optimum nutrition, buy any brand you love if it’s legit or add some fish to your everyday diet.

From bottom of my heart & tip of my ####..

Happy marriage anniversary to my bro H.

Hope & wish you are potent enough to make love to your girl for next 4-5 years. The way you are gaining body fat, you need to work on that if you wanna last inside her for more than 15 minutes.