iPhone XS.. Read it.. 🤣

Son: Apple launched iPhone XS base variant for a grand again, just before a day. In India it’s gonna cost 100K+ in Rupees.

Dad: price doesn’t matter. You please don’t buy the XS one. Your hands are big, you stick to a M or L size.

(Not gonna tell you my source, don’t want to be judged further)😂

Our previous generation needs to go tech savvy or just stop at a qwerty keypad. Further information related to technology from their mouths is just horrifying.


That’s Tap..

Some suckers & sweethearts were asking about, how am i looking now & how’s my health!! See it here in my eyes, same baddie carrying the baggage of all sins. I will easily live another 150 years.. 😘👍


Yes, health-wise i am little shattered. Recovering. Will power in me is at it’s peak. Whatever i wanted to be & i was talking myself, now i am walking the talk. I never advertised my gains, not the guy who is into flexing. I am enjoying what life is giving me at this moment, for the tiny efforts i am putting.

The achievements of my life can be summed in one line; “My wounds are my trophies”.

I am still trying to catch up. Past year snatched so much from me, but i earned some good experiences. Yes, I have an angel in my life. I am working on it further. Never stopped myself at any point to express & grab some more love from her.

Now I am saying this to everyone of my friends & family, everyone who is more human than i am. Your wishes make me stronger, i am a little me because of you. With some wishes & some luck; i am marching ahead slowly. Ask me again about this 25strong feeling? I am that same 13 years old grade 8 kid. Another birthday gone, the same vibe for seeing a next day better than today. There is something called self-esteem, i never let it go submerged in my shady past. I am still trying. Trying to be a better human every next day.

I started a small health supplements business during last quarter of 2017 in India. Making enough to survive & helping few who help me managing it in my absence. We are going Asian from Indian in some months, yes months. People who backed me like a pillar in my highs to lows are appreciated & cherished in my dictionary. I never say it, but i mean it when i put little respect to the equation of our relationship. Loving it & living it.

Now for those who have raised concerns about my further endeavours. Yes, i studied somewhere. Worked somewhere else. Doing my business somewhere else. & I am still on talks about migrating to a chic city before naming it my last stop for life. Business is all about opportunism. See a demand-supply gap, measure & hit it with the best possible resort you have to bridge it.

I am more of a practical person. Life is life, where & when it makes you feel comfortable. Let people talk. See the World as a global village. Own your words & work. Move yourself wherever you want. Now a days, it’s easy to label someone with a negative remark. Before reaching your destiny, you will hear so much more. Travel & Educate yourself. If you have a need or desire, switch places. People call it MIGRATION, i call it choices. You are living in a free world. Never negotiate with your happiness. Easy.
Tap OUT.

Ending it with this line again “FREEDOM IS WORK & PROGRESS”.

Google I/O 2018.. Next is awesome & predictable..

OK. Time to hail Google.

This 23 minutes & 14 minutes Google I/O coverage by CNet & The Verge is just on point about what’s coming next. See where Android is heading!!

2018 Google I/O just proved that; in terms of smartphone computing software & self driving technology, Google is just 2 generations ahead of Apple & Microsoft.

& Yeah, snapchat still works the best with iOS.

Kudos BuzzFeed India..

Thanks for bringing this thing to light.

Not the best schooling system. But, i too studied something different as explained here. Proud of my origin. This person Winston Churchill is an exaggerated war hero in west & UK people’s eyes.

This video vividly explains the right picture of that asshole. Hate will not heal, not a SORRY. People must understand the facts about certain things. Glorifying such morons in Hollywood movies is definitely a crime in itself again.