True me.. Tap-514..

Never badmouth others. No matter it’s in a professional or social setting, it’s not appropriate to badmouth people. You certainly will not earn any respect by doing this. If you’re unhappy with someone and what they’re doing, talk to them and work things out. Don’t talk behind their back. That’s the kind of behavior that attracts gossip and negativity. Not only does it reflect badly on you as a person. It also hurts the other party whether you realize that or not.

So be honest and transparent when you’re communicating with others. Always act as if the person you’re talking about is right there with you.

Tap OUT..🤗

12 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-514..

  1. People do shock me with this actually 😮
    I know a woman who is very close friends with another woman.
    The other day she shocked me by saying something a little mean about her friend 😮
    But that tells me – use caution with this person because if they willing to bad mouth a close friend … what do you think they be saying about you?
    So tread carefully
    Know who you deal with.

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    1. If one can talk against somebody behind their back, they can do the same with us as well. I am happy that you know whom to entertain & whom not to. We can’t change people, but we can definitely distance ourself from such negative influence.👍

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  2. Now this…is the most productive thing I’ve read all day. Personally, when I notice people that talk too much – I run away from them as they love gossip and tall tales. I really hate backbiting and people who do that – I stay away from. I believe in “you reap what you sow, what you do to others – someone will do to you too”

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