You know what’s really powerfully sexy?

A sense of humour.
A taste for adventure.
A healthy glow.
Humble behaviour.
Truthful communication.
Appetite for success.
Hunger to learn.
Smartass comebacks.
And a consistent approach with every word you just read.

Because you can fake something only for a timeframe.
If it’s true, it’s consistent.
And consistent has no time limit.

4 thoughts on “Tru2Day884

  1. Spot on! I’ll be celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary in 2022. When people ask me what the key to a happy marriage is, I always give the same three responses (and it’s not what they expect): #1 – Have a sense of humor; #2 – Communication. Your partner is not a mind-reader; #3 – Honesty, even when it’s not easy.
    Seems to be working for me and my mister! ❣️

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