A random lighthearted person with adequate amount of love+interest in life-world-technology-investment-fitness.

Part-time Senior data analyst by profession, PhD research scholar & Fitness enthusiast by hobby. I am an ACE certified diet/PT instructor & I own a small health supplement business. Now somehow work and life both are my excitement.

Tap OUT..👍🤗

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Tapan –
    Thanks for sharing your writing!
    I would burst if I didn´t ask the following question:
    What would happen if you loved your thoughts instead of masturbating them?
    Thanks a lot for your writing, thumbs up!


    1. I appreciate your appreciation towards my tiny writing. That “I masturbate my thoughts here, seriously” started from one of my university day conference where we all laughed after a professor mentioned “INTELLECTUAL MASTURBATION” towards a boring ongoing discussion related to emerging economies. It’s just another stupid phrasal verb kinda thing. Thanks for asking.

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  2. haha! masturbating your thoughts. so now, i have to bear witness to you doing your thing, huh? do keep writing, friend. you are refreshing and enlightening as well.


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